Looking to move old and classic wooden furniture along with newly purchased sofa set but not sure how to wrap and move it safely? There are specialist furniture movers in India who can help you. Furniture movers in India can help you with end to send moving services that includes disassembling, wrapping, packing and transporting.
Most of the furniture movers in India offer local and long distance furniture moving service but only when you have the full set i.e. most of the items like bed, dining table, dressing table, cupboards, sofa set etc. Not every furniture movers in India will be happy to take the assignment where one wish to move just one dining table or a 3 seater sofa.

Ways to move household furniture

Furniture are not usually like the other home appliances that can be packed in their respective boxes, or in any other boxes and then shifted to a new house. Household furniture can’t be packed very easily, that’s why, the moment you have decide to move to a new home, you should approach a professional household furniture mover and packer. It’s safe to assume that all the modern furniture that you have can be disassembled and packed safely, but what about the others?
Hence, it’s better to give a second thought and hire a helping hands to disassemble the furniture, or pack the ones that cannot be dissembled. Once disassembled, it has to be packed properly to prevent any scratches and other sort of damages during loading, unloading or transportation. Again after delivery, it has to be reassembled before use.
While shifting a house, packing and moving the general household goods and appliances are comparatively easier, when compared to packing and moving furniture. Household furniture movers are available across all the major cities in India, and you can avail their services in order to pack and move your furniture safely and timely. By now, you must be definitely wondering about the information related to furniture Movers in India, as well as how to move the furniture without hiring a service, right? So, here are some tips related to furniture shifting in general, and also about the furniture movers in India.
Decide which furniture items are worth moving
If you were gifted with a bed in your wedding, does not means that you have to move it, especially when you are price conscious and have many other beds too. So, give it a serious thought, and decide if you really want to move all your furniture or not. If your answer is yes, it’s perfectly fine. Start arrangement for packing and moving them. But, if it’s a no, then list down the ones you want to dispose, donate or sell. This will reduce the load and labour charge and the transport charge both in case if you are doing it yourself, or hiring a packer and mover service.
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